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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Glass is Full

Today I read an article by Susan Jeffers, Ph. D that suggested to make a list of 50 things each night that we are grateful for. This helps one to be positive and focus on what we do have in life...not what we do not. I wanted to see how hard/easy it was for me to accomplish a list as long as 50....

"...When we focus on abundance, our life feels abundant; when we focus on lack, our life feels lacking. It is purely a matter of focus."- Susan Jeffers.

Today's list of abundance:
1- I made yummy chocolate chip cookies with my son and a friends daughter.
2- I got to email my man all off and on today.
3- My van is still working lol.
4- My daughter got her second set of immunizations.
5- My son is playing video games on his own 32 inch television.
6- We still have a safe house to live in.
7- We are healthy
8- My children have smiled and laughed today.
9-We will have food to eat for dinner
10- We have soft clean beds to sleep in.
11- We have hot water for our showers.
12- We have family that loves us
13- My son is going to play hockey
14- There is heat in our house
15- It was a lovely day outside.
16- My man is still working
17- The baby has good medical, diapers etc
18- We love each other
19- I have a computer
20- I am going to talk to Catherine.
21- I spent the afternoon with a friend
22- I have a good accountant lol
23- Soft pillows
24- migraine medication
25- iced tea
26- roses in the backyard
27- a pretty teapot
28- Beautiful fine art in the house
29- two dogs and two cats
30- two vehicles
31- kids have toys, food, clothes.
32- Son has back to school supplies
33- We get to travel to Hamilton this weekend
34- My daughter is going to have a lovely Christening.
35- We have three t.v's and four computers.
36- Nice neighbors
37- Cable, phone, and television
38- We can help friends to a certain degree
39- There is food in fridge and cupboards
40- I have appliances to wash clothes and dishes.
41- I get to sit around a table each night and thank God for my dinner with the family I love
42- I have a great education
43- I live near Tim Horton's, the market, and two bakeries
44- I am getting a great tax return.
45- I still have petrol in my van.
46- I might relax later with a glass of wine
47- I can afford the prescription for my daughters diaper rash ointment
48- I have fresh fruit and veggies in my crisper and chocolate bars on the shelf lol
49- I have craft supplies to do crafts with my children
50- I am feeling very lucky right now with how abundant my life really is......

Thank-you to Susan lol,
x - Jennifer

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