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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I heard a women in a movie say that she once went hunting for ladybugs. Disappointed from having found so few, she gave up and lay down in the green grass. The sweet smells and soothing sounds of summer lulled her to sleep. A gentle tickle upon her arm woke her, and looking around she realized,...she was covered in ladybugs.
Last night I went and sat on my frount porch with a warm cup of cafe mocha. I started to read (King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table). Absorbed in the story I lost all sence of time and place. The heavy dark of night wrapped around me until I declared defeat and closed the novel. It was then, looking up, that I saw a wealth of tiny sparkling lights, dancing around me. It was mystical and enchanting.
It seems that for some it is ladybugs,...but for me, who always seems to take the road less travelled by, lol, it was Fireflies. :-)

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