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Monday, July 5, 2010

25 random things about me.

1- I LOVE my friends! They are exceptional people.
2-I tell stories about purple llamas.
3-Most of my day is spent prying things out of my new puppies mouth before he eats them.
4-I have naked paintings of people in my basement that I am holding for ransom lol.
5-I am afraid of crowds-mods, the masses of people who can become crazy at a moments notice.
6-I eat when I am stressed, which is like always...but I am thankful for my stress because if I was not...I would likely be dead.
7-I love to read Dr.Seuss, he was a genius.
8-I can quote most of any Muppet movie ever made. Talented I know, lol.(Jim Henson's favorite movie, that he made, was the dark crystal. Worth a watch.)
9-I try not to make judgments about other women. There are enough people in the world already doing it, they do not require my contribution.(My father's ex-girlfriend is making this a very trying thing to accomplish!!!!!!.....oops.
10- I have played naked badminton with friends that ended in a hospital visitation. (For my friend.)
11- I try to be nice to EVERYONE! Although some people make that difficult.I think it is wrong to be mean to people even if they are consistently annoying. No one has the right to treat another person poorly, ever.
12-I am addicted to coffee, pastries, and orgasms. lmao.
13-I puck my eyebrows in the car because the light and the mirror are the best in there.
14-I can't cook, and I lake the domestic skills that are prized in most women. Thankfully my husband is very good at it. :-)
15-I Love the Market! and Old Walkerville, and the smell of the hop's from Hiram Walkers (which I refused to call by the new name!)....I find these places strangely comforting.
16- I collect rooster stuff, lingerie, funky old jewelery, and early English children s literature.
17- my favorite pastime is to read books in a bubble bath.It may sound strange but it is the only quiet room in the house where I can be alone.
18- I love the American History, but I have a firmer background in British....Canadian History bores me.
19-I am a Great Big Sea Groupie and have great concert memories with my friends!I also have a crush on James Blunt...yummy!
20-I am thankful everyday to be Canadian, but I still realize my country has flaws.
21-I am anti-war, anti-military, and slightly socialist.
22-I like to turn the music up really high and jump around the house and furniture naked!...I try to remember to close the windows so that I do not scare people, lol.
23-I made a list of 10 things I plan to do before I die.....I really should get working on that!..who is going skydiving with me this summer?
24-I love going to Straitford for plays, shopping, and chocolate! We used to go three or four times a year.We actually saw "Taming of the Shew" done as a western....oddly enough it was good.
25- I would like to meet the Dali llama, and Nelson Mandela,but my My favorite person in the entire universe is Edward Michael Ball.

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