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Monday, September 10, 2012

 Clothesline time!
So many adorable things to add to your Babydoo's wardrobe this fall! Pictures above is a headband in tyedye red fabric with button details, an awesome red tye dye fabric mermaid tail costume with red fish and button detail. Another green headband and a pair of light green minidoo pants. Above is a sweet light blue sailor dress with a crean and pink boat detail. and a White ruffle apron so your Babydoo can bake with you!

Also available are sun visor hats made in any custom color you wish. this one is cream and pink with pink heart detail.
 Pictured here is the fish detail on the beautiful jewel toned mermaid costume. fits eighteen and fifteen inch Waldorf Dolls
 Green cotton tyed dyed fiesta dress. ruffle skirt, flower detail and double ribbon closure in back...super pretty.
 The two button boot in red with grey buttons. looks classy with a dress.
eeep! so sweet and perfect for fall is our new backpack...can be made in any custom color you require. will hold several changes of clothes a small pillow or even a 10 inch minidoo friend x - Jennie

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