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Monday, July 9, 2012

Babydoo doll Ben

                              Newest Babydoo doll named Ben.

This Babydoo doll was created especially for my Daughters best friend Ben. It was a great experience making him becuase I know and love the child he is made for and I could think of him and how cute he is as i created his doll. Matching hair and eye colors were used and to make this doll extra special Bennie's mom gave me an old pair of his favorite pjs and his old wobby blanket to sew into doll clothes. Now She has a forever memento of her sweet baby boy and her boy has a new friend to love and cuddle up. Now that's what I call a win win :-) 

Babydoo Ben was made to order by myself, with his moms careful description in mind and my memories of Bennie. All dolls are 18 inches in height. Choose color of hair, eyes, clothes, hair style, clothing style, doll gender, etc.

 -All faces are hand stitched with beautiful cotton and silken threads. 

-Dolls are stuffed with hypo allergenic filling. 

-Doll bodies are made with one hundred percent cotton fabric hand dyed with teas and coffees. 

-Each doll body is double stitched to ensure durability. 

-Each doll is soft, cuddly, and ready to share special moments with your child. 

 Your details and my careful crafting ensure that each doll is a one of a kind creation made just for you or that sweet little one in your life.
Additional clothes, bedding, undergarments etc can be added to each order upon request. Scents, such as lavender, can be added to dolls stuffing to make it extra comforting or special for your child upon request for small additional fee. Matching dresses for child and doll can also be added to order. 

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