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Monday, July 16, 2012

Introducing the newest Babydoo! Totally unique to our collection.

Welcome to the world Babydoo Maui Maui! 

-She is the first mermaid in the Babydoo collection and the first with beautiful tanned skin!
-Her Hair is beautiful boncle yarn in soft shades of blues, purples, pinks, and aquas. All hand sewn and hooked so her hair is 100% ready to style any way your child wants it.
-Beautiful two toned blue eyes made with cotton threads.
-Soft pink lips done with silk threads.
-Hand dyed fabric in extremely strong coffee (lol) gives her a gorgeous 100% cotton skin a tanned glow.
-Mermaid tail is a removable outfit so your child has a Babydoo girl and mermaid in one! (comes with underpants but no dresses. Outfits available please check them out on this blog or our Facebook page.)

She will be on sale as of noon on this Wednesday right after her Facebook debut. Babydoo Maui Maui costs $45.00 to own and will go to the first buyer. If you would like a custom mermaid creation please contact Babydoodoll on Etsy-

or write on wall at our Babydoo facebook page-


  1. Jennie she is absolutely beautiful well done she will make someone very happy to have them in their home

    1. Thank you so much. That is the best part...watching the dolls make someone happy...child or adult alike. It makes the work worthwhile. Joy is contagious :-) Thanks again!