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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome to Babydoo Handmade Dolls!

Welcome to Babydoo Handmade Dolls! 

I am a Third generation doll maker located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. My Babydoo dolls are beautiful, soft, handcrafted, heirloom quality Waldorf dolls. Made with care and ready to play, cuddle, and get the imagination of your little one going.

A Waldorf doll (also called Steiner doll) is a form of doll used in Waldorf education. Made of wool and cotton, using techniques drawing on traditional European dollmaking, its appearance is intentionally simple in order to allow the child playing with it to improve or strengthen imagination and creativity. For instance, it has no facial expression. Its legs and arms are flexible, allowing natural postures.Traditional Waldorf dolls are made from cotton interlock knit fabric and wool stuffing. They are often entirely natural. Typically the trademark long hair of a Waldorf doll is made of mohair or boucle. Some doll makers use alternative hair material such as wool, rayon, and cotton. The facial features of a Waldorf doll vary with the maker. Most Waldorf dolls have small suggestions of noses, their eye and mouth colors are generally varied with each doll.
 - quote from Wikepedia.

 Unlike other hard plastic dolls, Babydoo dolls are soft warm and durable. -Each doll can be made 18, 16,14, 12, or 10 inches in length.
-They are created from 100% cotton fabric that is hand dyed by me from fair, golden, to darker tones. (Cloth is dyed with teas, and coffees to keep it all natural.)
-The hair is created from high quality, natural, unique yarns, - mohair, organic cotton, wool and roving- in a multitude of colors and textures. Faces are lovingly embroidered with silk threading.  My dolls are not stuffed with wool like traditional Waldorf dolls but with a hypo-allergenic poly- fill stuffing. This is not because I do not like wool but I am allergic to it. However, this has helped Babydoo dolls in a very unique and significant way... Unlike many other Waldorf style dolls on the market Babydoo dolls are so affordable! Compared to dolls ranging on Etsy, Ebay, and independent sites starting from $90 - $250 dollars!

Because my dolls are made with 100% cotton and dyed by hand, by me, I am not paying the high prices and shipping for the expensive European fabrics used by other Waldorf doll makers. Also, by using the hypo allergenic stuffing instead of wool I keep costs down. I firmly believe that Waldorf dolls should be affordable and thereby accessible to all children despite their economic standing!9As they were originally intended) This is also why my dolls are often donated to local centers and charities for distribution. :-)

 It is my guarantee that every Babydoo doll is a one of a kind. No face, hair, outfit is ever the same. Most importantly each stitch is thoughtfully done with love and hope that my efforts will bring joy, love, imagination and comfort to your little one. So much love and thought goes into each stitch!

 Babydoo dolls are created with  soft and natural the fabrics. Each are sweet and emphatic. Here is a doll your child can dress a million different way, hair style, accessorize... but most importantly...cuddle, talk to, and keep near as a friend and companion.
As each doll is created I will post details and pictures along with pricing. under the web store section of this site. Dolls can also be created special order. A doll can be made with your choice of yarn, hair color, eye color, hair style, dress style, multiple outfits, stuffed with a pinch of lavender, or even a mini Babydoo to accompany larger doll, and much more.


Please email me at   or contact me through my shop on Etsy if interested. And don't forget to like us on facebook

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